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Camera Straps


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Always in love with the pirate life and adventure, he struggled to find something to complete him.

He would sail away for months searching for acceptance and that feeling of achievement, but every time he would come home, his pockets would be full of nothing and his soul would be grey and empty.

Who would have thought this sad and empty pirate would rule the world full of confidence and rage against all darkness?

Well, sometimes you find that are the small things that often go unnoticed that can make you feel alive and worthy of a place in this world.



All of our products are proudly made in Portugal by the hands of a craftsman, passionate and dedicated to the art. Throughout his life, he always handcrafted accessories for himself, making them unique in his image. So he discovered his passion and decided to share it with others. 

All of our products are meant to last a lifetime. So, don't worry, our bracelets, camera straps and keychains will keep you company and collect memories with you along the way.




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