• As the name indicates, these camera straps are bold, strong and fearless.

    These straps are handmade with 6 meters of Paracord type III, genuine leather and stainless steel shackles. We find these elements to be the perfect combo of a long-lasting product.

    Paratroopers Camera Straps are inspired by all the paratroopers that jumped into the unknown.


    • Color:  Anthracite

      Materials:  Paracord III ( Breaking Force: 249Kg ), Leather

      Strap Width:  25mm - 19mm

      Strap Length:  1m

      Shackle Material:  Stainless Steel with Black Finish

      Shakle Size:  26 x 24 x 4mm

      Packaging:  Cotton Bag

      Adjustable:  No

    • To attach the strap to your camera, first of all, you have to pass the rope links through the camera eyelets.Then you can attach and detach the strap with the shackles. Just unscrew the pin, insert the rope link through the opened shackle and then close it again with the pin.