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  • Our nautical bracelets are inspired by the land and sea!

    They are made with Paracord and with a stainless steel shackle.

    You can use and abuse these bracelets, because they are made to last a lifetime.


    • Measure your wrist tightly using a tape measure. With the exactly measurement of your wrist, the chart bellow will indicate your bracelet size. 


          Wrist Size  Bracelet Size      
         13,5cm - 15cm                   XS
         15cm - 16,5cm              S
         16,5cm - 18cm              M
         18cm - 19,5cm              L
         19,5cm - 21cm              XL


      Note:  The size of your wrist will not correspond to the lenght of the bracelet. The wrist sizes above correspond to the wrist circumference.