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  • As the name indicates, these camera straps are bold, strong and fearless.

    These straps are handmade with 7 meters of Paracord type III (249kg/550lbs), genuine leather and the quick release anchors of Peak Design®.

    We find these elements to be the perfect combo of a long-lasting product.

    Paratroopers Camera Straps are inspired by all the paratroopers that jumped into the unknown.


    • Color: Black, brown

      Materials:  Paracord III ( Breaking Force: 249Kg ), Leather

      Strap Width:  15mm

      Strap Length:  108mm

      Anchor:  Peak Design® quick release anchors

      Packaging:  Cotton Bag

      Adjustable:  Yes


      NOTE: Since the leather is a natural material, it can be diferent from the  photo.